Health & Beauty from the Inside Out

Hi, I’m Arline, a fan of professional ethics and honesty when it comes to offering or recommending a cosmetic line with organic active ingredients.

For a year and three months I have done some tests with 4 different “natural, ecological and organic” lines. Three of them were made in Spain and one of them was made in France. The participants were a group of 9 friends (ages 30 to 70) of different nationalities and genders. The results obtained were frightening.  Every time I did some tests, some of the participants showed severe irritations in their skin. Likewise, when performing some analyzes in local laboratories, the results have detected some active ingredients that are not suitable for the skin. (Parabens, petroleum,  etc., among others).

For this reason I have taken the initiative in finding a truly 100% organic and certified by AEMPS in Spain. It was very difficult  to find a facial  line 100% organic and certified by AEMPS (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products).  But now, I present to you the  facial line Sálvora, made in Spain, Galicia with active ingredients of seaweed 100% certified, organic.

Arline Francis Kuhn – Ambassador for Sálvora an  Organic and Certified Skin Care Line