The beauty of the woman is in her heart, in her soul and … in her passion for the fans.

I’ve been using big fans for years, and I’ve named them “Arline’s fans.” Every time I travel to the country where I was born, Panama, there is a tropical heat. I do not like air conditioning, it is pollution for the environment and for this reason I have always carried my fans in my travels. I always combine them with my bags, shoes and earrings, creating a chic and different look. Every time I’m in Panama the majority of my friends ask me to bring some fans. They want to use them, as well.

On October 26th, 2018 I managed to send from Spain to Panama and directly from the factory the first collection of “Arline´s fans”. An accessory and complement created for all women of the XXI century. You will be able to use these fans in every occasion such as, meetings with friends, during church, at the airport while waiting for their airplane to take off, in concerts, dinners, parties, weddings, etc. I have selected for you empowered, and entrepreneur woman of this XXI century, three sizes, M, L and XL. These fans come in 5 different colors.

The quality of “Arline´s fans” is 100% handmade in Spain, Sicomoro wood resistant to tropical weather, rain or shine!!!