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Arline Francis Kuhn – Project Management & Consulting
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Arline Francis Kuhn

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Project Management


Project Management & Consulting

Arline Francis Kuhn

Organized, prepared to solve problems, motivated, always with self initiative,resolved,leader,perseverant. In resume an entrepreneur woman in plenituded of the XXI century.

Project Management

With a combination of skills in both teaming (detecting and respecting the potential of each member ) and the asertive execution of the projects.


New ilusions

Arline Francis Kuhn

  • At present ambassador of the Spanish facial line organic and certified by the Ministry of Health in Spain AEMPS, Salvora in Alicante and PANAMA.
  • Creator of the “ Arline’s fans “ brand.
  • Project Management & Panama Tourism and Economy Consultant with more than 20 years in the European market
  • Master Degree Corporate Communication EAE, University of Barcelona (OBS), 2015
  • BA Hotel Management and Tourism IHTTI, Neuchâtel Switzerland
  • Panama Tourism Promoter in Germany 1999-2007
  • Founder and President of the project “Women Enterpreneurs”, 2011-2015, Javea-Alicante, Spain, awarded project by Rotary Club, 2014
  • Co-founder of the project “Fomento de Empleo en Hosteleria y Turismo” 2013-2015, Alicante, Spain
  • Born in Panama, fluent in Spanish, German and English


La Embajada de Panamá en Alemania, desea transmitir su agradecimiento a Usted y a todo su equipo por la colaboración que nos dieron en la Visita Presidencial de S.E. Juan Carlos Varela, Presidente de la República de Panamá que se dieron en Alemania del 18 al 21 de Octubre 2016.

Sr. Guido SpadaforaEmbajadorSistemas de Iluminación en Pedreguer

In 2017, Mrs. Francis Kuhn worked as our external consultant for Panama. Thanks to Mrs. Francis Kuhn we were able to connect with new posible business partners in our field. Without her help, our business trip to Panama would not have been sucha a success.

Dipl. Ing. Jost MazurCOO Bernard Gruppe

La Embajada de Panamá en Alemania tiene esta ocasión de agradecerle profundamente por todo su trabajo en la visita de la delegación comercial/educativa de Alemania en Panamá en el mes de Abril de 2017. Su impulso en este viaje ha sido una de las claves para el éxito del mismo.

Sr. Guido SpadaforaEmbajador

It was a pleasure to work with you. Your preparation of the trip to Panama was perfect and so was the way you were accompaning us there. I am looking forward, that we will finally will have good results for our Bavarian SMEs.

Mr. Hans- Joachim HeuslerDirector